2011. november 20., vasárnap

Digital Design Studio 2011

I took a course called Digital Design Studio in my Erasmus semester in Turkey, METU. We had lectures about parametric design and later we explored Grasshopper. Our task was to design a structure made of cardboard. The end result is a tool, that can be applied to any surface. The process: It applies the pattern to the surface, extrude the lines of the pattern with a changeable angle to make the basic elements, and after cuts the slids for assembling. At the end it puts the elements to a cutting sheet and it can be sent directly to the cnc mill.
Consultants: Dr. Arzu Gönenç Sorguç, Dr. İpek Gürsel

I made a gif to see the how the structure evolve from solid to transparent, by changing the view.

And here is a printscreen of the grasshopper window.

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