2011. november 20., vasárnap

Komplex 2010

Art-camp (1st semester)

There is an abadonded workshop area in the heart of Sopron.The site was made by cutting off the end of the striped narrow sites in the area. My design goal was to heal this wound, and provide a development to this zone. This is anart workshop for students of the city in school time, and an art-camp in the summer. The area is open during the day and provides free pass to the citizens. There are exhibitions, concerts and events in the square. The auditorium is a stage at the same time if the side of the building is opened towards the square. It transforms the square into a seating area.

Wine bar (2nd semester)

For further design, i chose the wine bar. The concept was to pick a traditional winery section, split it in half and raise one of the half arches above the other. The arches are made from a steel frame structure, covered with ply-wood, to not mistake the traditional depressed silicate structure with the new one. When we walk in this space we feel the traditional space in a new context. The building uses the old town wall,which appears in the interior. Each floor has a different seating plan to accommodate different types of social occasions. The whole interior is visualy connected.

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